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Color Factory is a Windows Server application that automates image transformations and metadata operations for images of any file type. Color Factory works with "hotfolders", processing every file that is put into an input folder, and sending the result(s) to one or more output folders.

Each input folder is connected to a channel, where you define settings for file format conversion, image transformations such as color space changes, resize, crop, and metadata operations on XMP metadata.

Color Factory is integrated with FotoStation and FotoWeb through Actions, that lets users transfer one or more files into a channel for processing, e.g. to convert a high-resolution file to multiple web-friendly versions for a shop or blog.

Small Office Edition includes the following features:

  • Image processing and format conversion
  • Advanced metadata functionality
  • Automatic Geo-tagging of files

Technical Information

Color Factory is compatible with Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, and Windows Server 2016. Download and install the product on your local servers, or virtual machines in the Microsoft Azure, Amazon, and Rackspace clouds.

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